Architektur Biennale Rotterdam — 2016


Based on the results of design studios, interviews and research of the last two years, the chair for Urban Planning and Design of the University of Stuttgart presents a trend book on current urban issues as base for a two day design workshop at the IABR–2016. Designers from different disciplines are welcome to participate and to continue to build on this research with designing on a specific site in Rotterdam.

The concept of the trendbook goes beyond a collection of materials. It will be used as a first communication tool that is tested with our peers during the IABR–2016. It includes the main outcomes of all the meetings, table sessions and students´ proposals of recent design studios in various European Cities. It serves as both, an inspiring work-in-progress collage to question urban conditions as well as a scientific abstract on recent transformation processes our cities face these decades. It points a finger on the challenges of demography, migration, energy and circular flow economy.

Our key research question for the urban condition will be: How can we propose a dynamic stable urban fabric that allows for void and congestion?


Universität Stuttgart
SI Städtebau-Institut
Lehrstuhl für Stadtplanung und Entwerfen
Prof. Dr. Martina Baum
Christiane Kolb
Thorsten Stelter
Markus Vogl
Isabel Zintl